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Solana Naturopathic Medicine is a Naturopathic Medical practice, focused entirely on supporting individuals with digestive concerns. We believe in a personalized approach to digestive health and wellness. Every person is unique, and we work one-on-one to discover the root cause(s) of your concerns and create tangible, individualized solutions so you can live a happy & healthy life! 


We currently offer Naturopathic Telehealth consultations, from the comfort of your own home! During consultations, we deep dive into your history and symptoms, as well as order and review any relevant testing which can be coordinated based on your own location. We currently serve individuals age 18+ located in the State of California. To get started, book a 15 minute Discovery Call to see if we are the best fit for you!


We know the significant impact that digestive concerns can have on your quality of life and overall health, and are here to help you take both of those back. We listen intently, and work collaboratively with you to create individualized plans that improve both digestive and overall health. We form close relationships with our patients, and have a friends & family feel. You are welcome here. 

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Solana Naturopathic Medicine was created from a desire to help individuals find food & digestive freedom. 


Our founder, Dr. Britta Nevitt, ND, FABNG is a Naturopathic Doctor with a passion for demystifying digestive health. Knowing first-hand the impact that these concerns can have on your health and quality of life, she takes an integrative approach to combine novel diagnostics and therapeutics with personalized wellness. She incorporates her passion into everything she does, and works collaboratively with each individual to identify root cause(s) of symptoms and create empowered solutions.

Her particular areas of emphasis are IBS, SIBO/SIFO, functional digestive disorders, GERD, IBD, food intolerances, and all things gut health. She seeks to be a voice of clarity to support you and your individual story. We can't wait to meet you!



“Dr. Nevitt is the first person in 10+ years who truly helped me address the SOURCE of my gut problems, and embark on a healing journey! With an unbelievable wealth of knowledge, paired with the most positive energy and enthusiasm for all things gut-related, she helped me eradicate my SIBO, address other lingering gut issues, and focus on rebuilding a healthy microbiome. I cannot recommend her enough!”

~ Jen M.

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